Freckle & Fern

Hey! My name's Scarlet, and I make functional and FUN ceramics at my studio in Macclesfield ,UK.

After a few courses at 7 Spot Pottery in Salford, I realised how much I enjoyed it, and how I wanted to continue my practise and make as much pottery as possible, learn new techniques and using different materials.

During Covid-19 the studio loaned pottery wheels to some of their members and my boyfriend very kindly offered me space in one of his small (I mean, SMALL) outhouses. ​

I bought myself a small kiln (Skutt KM714 from Cromartie Hobbycraft) and a bunch of brush on glazes and got to making!

After a year hiatus (thanks to the need for a bigger space, but lack of space to move into) I now have a new studio in the centre of Macclesfield, where I hope to open on Treacle Market days, as well as update my online shop more frequently!

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