The Tools & Equipment I Use...

I thought I'd put together a list and review of all the tools I currently use to help you make informed choices when buying equipment to create your own clay masterpieces, this doesn't however, to learning from your own mistakes, that's the best part of the process!

Let's start at the beginning...


Scarva Earthstone ES10 Extra Smooth

It does what it says on the tin! It's extra smooth, and throws like a dream! It holds it's shape and fires to an off white colour. I'm currently testing the shrinkage rate of this clay - so stay tuned for an update (you know, if you're interested in that kind of thing).

The whole Earthstone range is pretty dope, they can be purchased from a number of retailers, I pretty much always go with Scarva, but the shipping can get a little pricey! 

Also sold at:

HotClay (free delivery over £40)

PotteryCrafts (free delivery over £100)

Bath Potters Supplies 


Brent C Wheel

This is a lovely wheel, it can continuously spin 100kg of clay (not that I've tried...) it's robust and comes with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty (which can only be a sign of good craftsmanship!) it's made in the US, and is fairly easy to get hold of in the UK (when COVID-19 isn't halting shipping!). 

I only really have one gripe with this wheel...

The splash pan! - I've watched all the videos, and tried everything, but the splash pan leaks - I wear sandals when throwing, and getting the surprise DRIP of cold clay water on my toes is unsettling and annoying. I've tried everything I can to stop this happening, to no avail. Even when using less water, it still flicks out onto my left knee - I get that throwing isn't a clean hobby - but I end up with clay water everywhere! The splash pan is also not ideal for detaching whilst it still has water in it. When unclipping, you have to tilt the detached pan downwards, pouring all the water onto the table and your feet - then the bigger second pan needs wiggling out, thus throwing the water everywhere! My work around is, I sponge out all the excess water before detaching the pan (despite another annoyance being that the splash pan is, in my opinion, too small for the wheel head) then undoing everything. Despite the above, this wheel is great, sturdy and comes with an impressive warranty!


Skutt KM714

This is a small but mighty little kiln! I bought it with the intention of only wanting a domestic plug, but something that could reach 1220°C. It fits into my pottery shed, and can be wheeled under my shelving when not in use. The only downside is, it can only really reliably reach 1185°C - then I have to hold at that temperature to achieve a Cone 6. I've recently spoke to the retailer who have kindly sent out 16Amp elements for me to install, and I now need to get an electrician out to hard wire. If I could buy the kiln over, I'd have bought the 16Amp one and committed to getting it hardwired in the first instance - I've lost too many pieces to under-firing, and realise the importance of not overloading the domestic supply whilst running a kiln load (even having the kettle on or running the washing machine alongside the kiln can inhibit its ability to reach higher temperatures).


Mudtools Do-All Trim Tool

After an initial 'teething' period with this tool, I absolutely love it! When you get the leather-hard texture just right, it cuts through the clay like butter. I know a few people who have problems with this tool though, so buy at your own risk - but I'd recommend it and persevere. 

Modelling Tools

I just use cheap wooden tools, but even when making mugs, you'll find a use for almost ALL of the pack of wooden modelling tools.

Mudtools Finishing Sponge

This is my favourite sponge! The fine qualities of this sponge makes it almost like a magic eraser! Knock a rim, sponge it! Gauge a hole in the side of a mug with your finger nails, sponge it! It's truly a winner sponge for tidying and rectifying mistakes!

Mudtools Absorbant Sponge

This sponge however... I've yet to find an appropriate use for this sponge. It clogs with clay really quickly, which hinders it's absorbency.

Mudtools Soft Ribs

I have the blue, yellow and red ribs from Mudtools, I love them. The blue I use for tidying up the slip from the edge of the pot, the yellow and red I use for smoothing and 'burnishing' the clay when it's at the leather hard stage.

Garrity Tools Foot Tools

LOVE LOVE LOVE... I love these foot tools. I don't really have much more to say on the matter.

Hartley & Noble Russian Doll Batt System

Well, I don't make my feelings about H&N quiet... they're incredible. I have the Russian Doll Batt system with the batt pins (but have previously had the over the wheel one) and I love them. They're extremely well made and faultless. My favourite thing about these, is the ability to POP your pieces off the batt instead of wiring them off, and this has quite literally, changed the game!


It's a HIT:

  • Hartley & Noble Russian Doll Batt System
    • Quality product
    • Improves efficiency when throwing
    • Pottery 'POPS' off the batt, no need for wiring
    • Can order more batts
    • Nicky is the loveliest lady to deal with!
  • Mudtools Do-All Trim Tool
    • Great Multi-tool (after a period of adjustment)
    • Cons: no straight edge
  • Garrity Foot Tools
    • Quality product
    • Consistent design
    • Feels solid

It's a MISS:

  • Dirty Girls Pottery Tools
    • Inconsistent sizes and shapes
    • Misshapes after light usage
  • Mudtools 'Absorbant' Sponge
    • Easily clogs with clay (reducing absorbency)
  • Domestic plug in kilns
    • Just pay that little bit extra to get it fit for hard wiring - you won't regret it!




I ask that you don't ask me what glaze combinations and products I use for some of my pieces - it took me a long time to develop a style and find the right products for me, if you're looking to recreate one of my pieces, I ask that you kindly refrain from doing so, and allow your own creativity to develop and flourish! 

Note: the Fruit Salad mug collection is registered and protected - so really, don't copy them ;) 

It's worth noting, I do not get paid to endorse these products (I wish!) and I'm entirely honest about my pros and cons of each - if you have any questions on anything I haven't covered, drop a message on my contact page or via Instagram!

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